Privacy policy


The Kagawa Prefectural Sake Brewery Association (hereinafter referred to as our association) considers that it is our duty to handle the personal information provided by our customers responsibly. We will pay the utmost attention to the handling of personal information received from customers and strive for appropriate protection.

About personal information
Personal information refers to information that can identify a specific individual based on personal information (date of birth, other descriptions, etc.). This includes those that can be collated with other information to identify a particular individual.

Handling of personal information

The registration information registered by the member is held by the association and may be used for the following purposes. In addition, member registration information will not be used for purposes other than those listed below.

1. For data acquisition in this service. (Gender, prefecture, etc.).

2. For information guidance and notification of services related to this service that are considered to be useful to the main member, information on related services of our association, maintenance information, etc. (mail address)
3. For information disclosure when required by law. (Items for which disclosure is requested)
4. In addition, when the union determines that it will be disadvantageous to a third party. (Only items with permission)
Management and protection of personal information
Our association protects all the personal information we ask by taking reasonable technical measures in encrypted form, to prevent risks such as unauthorized intrusion into personal information, loss, falsification, leakage of personal information. do my best. In addition, only those authorized by our association can decrypt personal information based on the privacy policy. They ensure that the important information you receive is always handled in a safe environment.

About cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data sent from a web server to your browser. This allows the server to collect information from the browser. We use cookies to collect information about where you went. This saves the access contents, saves you the trouble of inputting and accessing, and uses it as a reference to provide the best service for you.
The use of cookies also provides the primary member with personalized web content and allows them to access information about their account.

You can set your web browser to not use cookies. However, please note that you may not be able to use some of this service.

Information disclosure

We do not sell, share or rent your information to anyone other than ours unless stated in our privacy policy.
However, business partners, strategic partners, affiliated companies, and recipient companies may collect information independently for their respective purposes, and the use of this personal information is not regulated by the Association.
In addition, when requested to disclose personal information in accordance with the provisions of other laws such as courts, orders of administrative agencies, etc., the association shall investigate crimes, eliminate or prevent infringement of rights against third parties, and the like. If necessary, the member’s personal information may be disclosed to the extent necessary, and the main member agrees in advance with the possibility of such disclosure.

About the link destination

Please be aware that our website may place advertisements and may collect your personal information at the links. This privacy policy does not cover the policies of third party companies.
Different companies may have different principles and policies, so it is recommended that you read the policies of all the sites you use.

Changes in the handling of personal information

Our association can change the handling of personal information without the permission of the user. The handling of the changed personal information will be presented online designated by the association, and the user consents to the handling of the latest personal information.

The handling of personal information shall be in accordance with the terms of use of the Kagawa Prefecture Sake Brewery Association.